21 nuances…

A portrait of man’s looks


Dear Robert,

When I look a woman walking down the street, incoming to a bakery, leaving a church or just sitting on a bench in a park… I have a sense of having the choice to losing or not losing my autonomy… to use or not use my freedom.

I know, I have many thousands ways of looking. All these nuances of a simple contemplation can preserve or not the dignity of these women that I look walking inside of me. I can choose to stay innocent but I don’t do it so I condemn myself to look at me in this way and off course already without the presence of the deity.

Just I wanted to share this feeling with you…




"Red Question"

and if you'd be guilty that I'm a woman?

"Violent Gray"

gray zone of business... black interest with white violence ...

"Organic Yellow"

"Devoted Violet"