The word revelation is related to the word reveal, because revealing is the action of showing something that was previously covered up or unknown.

  • A surprising and previously unknown fact that has been disclosed to others.
  • The making known of something that was previously secret or unknown.
  • Used to emphasize the remarkable quality of someone or something.
  • The divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence.
  • The last book of the New Testament, recounting a divine revelation of the future to St John.

1. countable noun
A revelation is a surprising or interesting fact that is made known to people.
Synonyms: disclosure, discovery, news, broadcast

 2. variable noun
The revelation of something is the act of making it known.
3.singular noun
If you say that something you experienced was a revelation, you are saying that it was very surprising or very good.
4.variable noun
A divine revelation is a sign or explanation from God about his nature or purpose.
Synonyms: sign, warning, omen, portent


Middle English (in the theological sense): from Old French, or from late Latin revelatio(n-), from revelare ‘lay bare’ (see reveal). Sense 1 dates from the mid 19th century.


… but the revealing discourses, which artificially crisscross our environment and subject us to the yoke of the unanimous, have effects more silently perverse; for while claiming to offer a privileged means of access to reality, they cover it and irremediably separate us from it.

… in front of the exposure of the lie which reduces the universe to its counterfeit, the weapon of the art is the fiction. Because art has the honesty of being a fiction that gives itself as such, it has the power to denounce all those who try to pretend to be true.